ROB STRUBE – CrossFit Coach

Former Reconnaissance Marine Rob has been working  athletes for several years in different aspects of strength and conditioning.  Rob’s passion for movement has allowed him to help athletes achieve goals, build mental toughness, and develop skills they never thought possible.
-Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Trainer
-CrossFit Football Trainer
-USAW Olympic Weightlifting Coach
-Eleiko Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
-Licensed Massage Therapist
-2015 CrossFit Central Regionals Team Competitor
-Reconnaissance Marine 2007-2010

Keith (“KD”) Davis –  Boxing and MMA Coach

KD is an accomplished boxing and mma coach! More bio info to come.

JIMMY QUITER – Boxing Trainer

Jimmy_Quiter As a competitive amateur boxer and future pro, Jimmy is passionate about the sport and has been training at a high level for many years. At Final Round, Jimmy uses his expertise to get you in the amazing shape. His Boxing Bag class is second to none.

HERMINIO GIO’ SALAZAR – Strength and Conditioning/ CrossFit Coach

IMG_197587792846501 During his 25 years in the fitness industry, he has worked with a wide range of individuals. From children, and teens, to adults and seniors. From special population individuals, to those training for CrossFit, traditional sports, triathlons/Ironman, and adventure racing. Health and fitness is not just about working out. It is an encompassing journey from day one. Utilizing post rehab exercises and gymnastics to prepare for, and understand movement. As well as nutritional counseling to achieve and sustain goals throughout their fitness journey. He will be that guide, who helps you to achieve your goals, by providing you the tools and knowledge to gain an understanding of the how, what, when, where, and why.
-Level 1 & 2 CrossFit Trainer
-Crossfit Gymnastics
-Crossfit Mobility
-Crossfit Kids
-USAW Sports Performance Coach
-Running/Endurance Coach
-Adventure Racing Coach

BRYAN CORNELIUS – Boxing Trainer

Bryan_Cornellius Bryan is a Golden Gloves Novice Champion and will be leading youth boxing and boxing bag classes. With his passion and enthusiasm Bryan can help bring you to the next level in Boxing!