All 14,000 square feet of our Final Round Combat Sports Academy are designed for maximum comfort and convenience while you’re working to achieve your fitness goals. You’ll find state-of-the-art equipment in every space.


This is where you’ll spar with the best of the best. Our AIBA-certified boxing ring measures 20′ x 20′ with thick foam padding. It’s also the place where we’ll be hosting our many exciting fight nights!


We have more heavy bags than any other local gym.  You will not have to share a bag at Final Round and can get the best Cardio and Core workout with our expert trainers.


We have our very own Dojo at Final Round.  It has wall to wall mats and is quiet so that you can hear your instructor during your MMA training. We also hold yoga classes in this space. Namaste.


We have recently expanded our CrossFit space to give our athletes the best experience.  We have five climbing ropes, thousand of pounds of weights, and wall to wall pull up rigs. Whether you are flipping the tire, lifting weights, or doing box jumps, you will have everything you need for the best CrossFit WOD’s in Chicagoland.


Enjoy high-end fitness amenities in our beautiful new location. You’ll find full-service lockers for storing your belongings and sauna and steam rooms where you can relax and unwind after your workout. You are welcome to use all of the equipment as long as a class is not using it.  You can jump on a state of the art rower or treadmill and get your cardio in and then join a class to get a first rate workout experience.