Final Round CSA is a one-of-a-kind fitness facility for all levels of fitness. You’ll find classes that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re just starting out, looking to improve your fitness, seeking a new challenge, or training for professional competition, we’ve got what you need.


CrossFit is a training program designed to prepare you for anything that comes your way. It was developed as a fitness regimen that can be applied universally to all sports and physical activities. By using elements from a broad range of exercises- including cardio and weight training, and other sport/activity specific movements.  Check out our CrossFit website at (clicking the CrossFit link on the red banner will take you there).


Looking for a great resistance cardio workout that focuses on your core? Ready to learn the basics of boxing? Cardio Boxing classes at Final Round offer a perfect combination of a challenging workout with expert instruction about the techniques used by professional fighters. You will be directed through 8 three minute rounds on the heavy bags with a minute of  “active rest” in-between each round.  During the active rest you will work on core strength via planks, burpees, and many more types of exercises.  It varies every day so as to keep your muscles guessing and giving you the optimal workout. This class is not only fun but offers an amazing way to rid yourself of any stress. LEARN MORE >


Muay Thai is the “art of 8 limbs” and makes for an amazing and fun workout on the heavy bags.  This class is conducted in the same format as our Cardio Boxing class with the exception that you will use not only your fists, but also your elbows, knees, and shins to get a 8 great rounds of cardio and strength training! There will be one minute of “active rest” between each round where you will be instructed on core strengthening movements.


XPRESS Circuit is ideal for you if you want to fit a workout in your schedule, but you don’t have a lot of time. It offers the intensity of a total-body workout in a short 30-minute session. Unlike our CrossFit classes, the XPRESS Circuit doesn’t spend as much time breaking down and explaining the exercises and movements. Think of it as a no-nonsense, bootcamp-style CrossFit. It’s fast and fun for people at all fitness levels.


Interested in competing in Boxing? Want to see how your skills would stack up in a real-time situation? Then, our Sparring sessions are perfect for you. Our Sparring classes offer a safe, controlled environment to test and apply techniques in a live situation against an active opponent.  We also offer an Intro to sparring class for members that would like to take it to the next level with some extra instruction.


Coach KD’s MMA class will get you in “fighter” shape. You will increase your endurance, strengthen your core, and improve flexibility. No experience is necessary to take this class. You will be taught the proper form needed for mixed martial arts including punching, kicking, and wrestling. You will learn self defense techniques and and be coached/encouraged to be self disciplined which results in an increase in an increase in self confidence. (Coach KD trains competitive MMA fighters so if that is something you are interested in you will need to discuss this with KD.)


Final Round Mitts training classes provide training in proper punching and striking skills using focus mitts and thai pads with a partner. Our focus in Mitts classes is strictly on technique, not full contact.


Final Round instructors will use differently weighted kettlebells to help you develop strength and power.  This is a great class for fat loss and will help you to build long and lean muscle.  The routines are varied so there is never a dull moment!  You will see results as the kettlebell workout will enhance your body sculpting while also helping you to feel great as every muscle will be used.


At Final Round, we offer power yoga and restorative yoga. The classes are for all levels so with modification everyone can grow and challenge themselves in their practice. You will leave with a restored, energized, and accomplished feeling, as well as a wonderful sense of well-being.


Kids 12 and under have many classes available to them. We offer Kids’ Boxing which includes work on the heavy bags (kids hit the bags not each other!) as well as agility and team building games. We also offer Kids’ MMA. Your child will not only be active and learn self defense but will gain self confidence and self control.  Our low price of $59/month for our Kids’ Membership is the deal of Chicagoland.

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